6 weeks – pre-kindergarten


Waumba Land is our weekly environment created especially for your infants (six weeks) through preschool-aged children. We can’t wait to meet them! We know things are busy at this stage of life and your children are learning and growing in amazing ways. We are ready for them!


Kindergarten - Grade 3 


In UpStreet, we believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud, and good leaders always care. The focus is our small group environment. We want kids to see how God's Word fits in to their lives, to learn how to talk to him, and to build friendships that will last


Grades 4-5


Our grades 4 - 5 students have a high energy environment that is specifically designed for them. At this age, students like to be challenged in their thinking, so we  engage them with fun videos that share biblical truths, and follow up with thought-provoking questions to help them think about and apply their faith.